Pearson Materials, LLC offers a wide variety of aggregates for commercial, residential and landscaping use. These products can be picked up in your own truck or delivered to your location.  If you are unsure of what product would best suite your needs and would like to view the product, you can visit our plant at 412 E 29th St.


We can provide a variety of sands based on your project needs. We also provide a salt-sand mixture to aid in melting ice in the winter. 

Top Soil

We offer shredded topsoil, non-shredded topsoil, fill dirt and low volume change for building pads.

Gravel and Decorative Rock

We provide a wide range of rock products from small pea gravel to large egg rock to meet any landscaping needs.

Crushed Concrete & Asphalt Millings

Our crushed concrete and ground asphalt is great for driveways or parking areas.