Pearson Construction, LLC is a pre-qualified and certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) and MBE contractor in the state of Kansas.

Our customers demand a contractor that is well equipped.  With the challenging project completion requirements of today, our projects cannot be delayed by inadequate equipment resources.  Pearson has the means to perform on any project we are involved in.

Our customers stress a contractor that is financially capable.  Pearson is bonded and insured.  We work closely with our bonding and insurance companies to expand the limits of our capabilities, so we can comfortably perform on a wide range of projects.  This has resulted in significant growth of our bonding capacity since Pearson started.

That is where Pearson excels.  We have established a solid record of accomplishment as a prime contractor, as well as a subcontractor.  We have a trail of satisfied clients behind us that can attest to the effectiveness of Pearson in building a quality project on time and within budget.


FFY 2015: 9.49% for FHWA Construction & .52% for
FTA Planning and CTD Grants

Many KDOT highway projects, primarily those containing federal-aid funds, have a DBE goal. A project with a DBE goal means some of the work must be performed by a DBE certified in the state of Kansas. In addition, other governmental agencies also have projects with DBE goals and/or encourage utilization of DBEs for some or all of their projects.